Re-enable Registry Editor

Recently registry edit got disabled on my XP system. So I just got these steps on internet to re-enable it.
The Steps are: 
1. Go to: Start | Run | Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and hit OK
2. Expand the following tree…User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Highlight “System” | Right click “Prevent access to registry editing tools” and select “Properties” | Select the “Disabled” or “Not Configured” radio button.

The “Registry editing tools” are regedt32.exe and regedit.exe šŸ˜‰
I hope this helps you also.. šŸ™‚ 


Windows Bootloader

Hey guyz .. Hi ..I am Back after a long time. My last engineering exams are over. And now im out of college life.
As now college is over and we had many assignments on Linux we all had to install and use it.. Using Linux is great and I am a damn big fan of Linux especially “ubuntu”..
But many of my friends wanted to know how to remove Linux from their system. So I had to suggest them a sequence of steps which I got to know from net, though I have not tried them (as i still use Linux.. šŸ™‚ ).
Here we delete the Linux partitions and reinstall the Windows Bootloader.
“Friends use Linux” Links: WHY1 WHY2

Steps are as follows..

1. Boot with your Windows XP cd.
2.Select Recovery Console Option
3. At the prompt, type “
fdisk /mbr” (without the quotes of course)
4. Restart your computer

If for some reason you find the need to get back to your Windows XP bootloader instead of the one installed by your Linux distro, simply follow these instructions:

1. Boot up with your Windows XP disc.

2. Select the option Recovery Console.

3. At the prompt, type “fixmbr” (without the quotes of course)

4. Restart your computer.

Hope any these tell me if it works.. šŸ™‚ please..

Way to recover the ‘winlogin.exe’

Of course there is smile.gif

Boot into the recovery console and use this command.
expand d:\i386\winlogon.ex_ c:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe

D: = drive Xp cd is in
C: = drive Xp is installed on comment.. Cheers..

Open source Softwares….for Windows as well as Linux

Open Source Software are the ones which are absolutely free and we can even see its source code.
I feel these softwares are far more Better than the other non open source softwares ..
so try the Sofwares at the link im providing here and do give sum feedback to me on this blog..

Link for List of OpenSource Softwares: OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES you can also download the softwares here at this link..

ClamWin antivirus for Windows absolutely free ..its A open source software:: do try it for ur OS security from viruses…
Download ClamWin antivirus for Windows

Spyware Terminato: free Software(Open Source)
Download Spyware removal and spware protection