Positive Belief

Something I am presenting you through my blog.. I hope this helps you change little bit…for your good IF NEEDED>.. 🙂

“By Changing Your Thinking,
You change your beliefs;

When you change your beliefs,
You change your expectations;

When you change your expectations,
You change your attitude;

When you change your attitude,
You change your behavior;

When you change your behavior,
You change your performance;

When you change your performance;
You Change Your Life!”


Our..College Life.. Great Life

Poem not written by me.. Click on the heading and u can see the original Page.. 🙂 Happy College Days…

Just as I was about to retire,
Just as I was to extinguish the fire,
A thought flashed into my mind,
That I was to leave my college days behind.

Those were the days of fun and frolic,
Those were the days of gifts and gossip,
Those were the days of bunking the classes,
Those were the days of “cheering” with tea glasses.

Days of bowing down before seniors in first year,
Days of fearing EDC and SE the next year,
Days of running behind Profs for internals in third year,
Days of preparing for MBA and Campus the last year.

Now, these days will never come by,
Now, we’ll never do “Assignment ki Chapayee”,
Now, in the canteen, we’ll never have samosa and tea,
Now, in the gathering, we’ll never dance to the rhythm of beats.

No “hyaaa…t” screaming in the class,
No aero plane flying towards the dais,
No linking of girl’s name with that of a boy,
No fresher parties full of “masti” and joy.

But these days have taught us to take pride,
And also to take success and failure in our stride,
They have brought out our hidden talent,
They have taught us to be independent.

There are so many memories to take away home,
There are so many friends that I am not alone,
There are so many contacts in my “INBOX”
There are so many messages on “Sign-off”.

The extra tuitions, the Internship training,
The “Industrial” tour, the canteen chatting,
The VII SEM seminar transparency,
The VIII SEM project: FACTS and FANTASY.

The Exam form, the Express coffee,
The Result day, the Class party,
The writing on the desk, the writing on the wall,
The cheating in exams, fearing one and all.

All these “yaadein” are there forever,
All the GFs-BFs, may there love be forever,
The DOSTS and YAARS may change NEVER,
Remember the movie we saw together!

So, Just as I was about to retire,
Just as I was to extinguish the fire,
Another thought flashed into my mind,
That this part of the tape will never “REWIND”.

Life Goes on Like dis…

Sorrow falls where happiness fails
Laughter, tears, endless trails
Beyond that place we usually hide
Much deeper still we must abide

Sprinkled through the life we live
Magic’s touch, we must forgive
Life and death writ upon our hands
Each trickles through us, life’s fine sands

Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin
All around us, what we’ve brought forth
Waiting within, our true north

So much to ponder, but more to live
Often wonder, what to give
Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin

Freehand drawing, life appears
Moves us past all the tears
Never knowing where or when
Moments pass, new ones begin