About Helping Hands

My name is Aniket Zamwar. I am a Computer Engineer by profession and I have some interest in writing and maintaining a blog. I took this interest looking some of my friends who have a very good and informative blog. They motivated me to do the same and here I am writing some stuff which may be helpful for you.
“Helping Hands” is the Blog which has been named after long thought. This Blog is nothing but just some collection of different solutions to problems faced by User(like me) while working on different things related to computer and computer languages. Here through this Blog I am trying to HELP those who face similar problems.
Also this blog shares some Poems and thoughts which may be liked by you. These poems are part of my collection which have a very good meaning and may help you to become a better person. 🙂

So Please come forward to write a comment or suggest a better idea to the idea that I have with me.
Share the information you have, by commenting here.
Thanks in Advance..

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