Wireshark —- Network Analyzer Tool

Wireshark is a tool which is useful to extract packets on the network which we are receiving and also which we are sending depending on the protocols.
These packets are captured and presented by the software.
The software provides different options to capture the network traffic on different “interfaces” like Ethernet, Wireless, and many others as our need.
It also provides other useful options to filter the packets which we want to analyze: like we can set a filter for wireshark to provide you with packets from particular IP or particular http or ftp or broadcast packets as per requirement.

I was using this software on Ubuntu systems.
You can get the software details at here.
On ubuntu you can download and install it directly from Application-> Add/remove in ‘Internet’ option (you need a working internet connection).

While using it on Ubuntu i was facing a problem:
When u use Wireshark by clicking on its icon in Applications->Internet->wireshark.
The application starts, but when you click on Captur-> Interfaces, it “must” provide you with list of available interfaces as eth0, wlan0…etc..
but it does NOT..
So i was in search of some solution and i got a solution as :
 goto terminal and start wireshark with the following command and the above problem was not faced..

Run these commands on Terminal
$ su
Password: “Enter you root Password here”
$wireshark &

This will start wireshark. Wireshark starts with a window and another window saying “Running as root can be dangerous” click on OK and use it.
Happy goin..

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