Cairo Dock— Desktop Application..

Cairo-Dock is an animated launch bar similar to AWN. You can use it to launch applications and utilize small applets that live on the bar.
I installed it after using AWN for many days. And as i am interested in different attractive looks, i found cairo-dock far more better than AWN.
Regarding efficiency i have no idea but as far as looks and animation, plugins and themes are concerned, cairo-dock is seriously attractive.
so here i am providing a help for u all to install and use Cairo-dock and enter your experience and suggestions..
“it is compatible with Beryl, Compiz, Metacity+xcompmgr and probably KDE since Kwin now manage composite display.”

Official website to know about cairo-dock– tutorial

I really like the auto-hide feature of Cairo-Dock, it doesn’t intrude on my desktop until I need it. It’s also quite flexible. You can configure it in a number of different ways from a simple 2D plane view, a 3D tilted plane or a carousel configuration.

Cairo Dock ScreenShot

Cairo Dock—Ubuntu Forum Page….
Download Debian Package
Download the latest Debian PAckages of cairo-dock, and cairo-dock-plug-ins.
Double click and install each.
After installing you can launch it : goto
Applications-> System Tools-> Cairo-Dock

add Cairo Dock to startup:
Goto : System-> Preferences-> Sessions
Click on Add : You will get a Add startup Window
In Name Text Box write : Cairo-Dock
In Command text box write: cairo-dock
Comments you can put as your wish : “”
Click OK and close Sessions..
Now ur Dock will start at every system start.. 🙂

Have FUN
…… Suggestions Invited…

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