Kernel Compilation

Compiled the kernel yesterday… found it quite easy after a lot googling and with the help of some of my friends Links..
These links helped me a lot..
i suppose these will b usefull to you also..:
STEPS for Kernel Compilation
1. install utilities to configure the kernel
2. move to configuration directory i.e /usr/src
3. make urself root: command: sudo -s
4. download latest kernel from or ubuntu repository
5. unpack it
6. configure the kernel using command: make xconfig
7. Finally, it’s time to build the kernel: Make sure that you are in /usr/src/linux with full root access. this will build a debian file in /usr/src/
8. install file from /usr/src folder

the detailed links are provided below:
Hope the post is helpfull….
A Video on Kernel Compilation

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