Kernel Compilation

Compiled the kernel yesterday… found it quite easy after a lot googling and with the help of some of my friends Links..
These links helped me a lot..
i suppose these will b usefull to you also..:
STEPS for Kernel Compilation
1. install utilities to configure the kernel
2. move to configuration directory i.e /usr/src
3. make urself root: command: sudo -s
4. download latest kernel from or ubuntu repository
5. unpack it
6. configure the kernel using command: make xconfig
7. Finally, it’s time to build the kernel: Make sure that you are in /usr/src/linux with full root access. this will build a debian file in /usr/src/
8. install file from /usr/src folder

the detailed links are provided below:
Hope the post is helpfull….
A Video on Kernel Compilation


Open source Softwares….for Windows as well as Linux

Open Source Software are the ones which are absolutely free and we can even see its source code.
I feel these softwares are far more Better than the other non open source softwares ..
so try the Sofwares at the link im providing here and do give sum feedback to me on this blog..

Link for List of OpenSource Softwares: OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES you can also download the softwares here at this link..

ClamWin antivirus for Windows absolutely free ..its A open source software:: do try it for ur OS security from viruses…
Download ClamWin antivirus for Windows

Spyware Terminato: free Software(Open Source)
Download Spyware removal and spware protection