Edit The menu items at start up..

Step 1:go to Applications-Accessories-Terminal
In Terminal window do as follows:
$ su
Password: Enter root Password here
$ gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

The below screen will appear.::

Here in the selected blue part : “default 0” is written…If u want windows as default jst add 4 in front of default.
4th is the number of windows in grub list at startup (counting starts from 0)

Now here the Blue part selected is : “Timeout 10”
dis is how much time your OS list should appear (grub)
so if u make change as “Timeout 20 ” the time is increased at startup to select your OS…
save this file and exit
exit from terminal restart and see the change..u dont need to HURRY select ur OS ..!!
thank you..

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